An expert in the field


I recently found out that Nonfigureativephoto reviewed the Chemigrams selected for the Soho Photo Gallery Alternative Processes Competition. It’s great to get a review and when its from someone who is an expert in the field its even more rewarding.

Nonfigurativephoto blog is devoted to non-objective photography, especially photography created solely with light and chemicals.

One thought on “An expert in the field

  1. Hey there Veronica,

    This is some really beautiful work of yours!!! Big congrats!!! I’ve been out of the loop for quite some time now, as I don’t visit the Blue Room (Facebook) very much. But this is really lovely!!! I’m very glad that you’re making your mark in a whole bunch of ways. I particularly like the series of squares and alternative processes work. It’s just super to see someone hitting their stride.


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