New Zealand performance

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FIlm Test Take 41My images will be the basis for an audio visual performance in New Zealand. Following on from the success of our album Redaction,  Mark Lockett will be collaborating with taonga puoro exponent Alistair Fraser to explore a contemporary meeting between traditional instruments and instinctive percussion

“promising to be  spontaneous improvisations facilitating an ongoing conversation between traditional and contemporary culture”


LOCATION: Pyramid Club, 272 Taranaki St, Wellington, New Zealand

DATE: 9 August 2016, from 8:30pm.


Just gone live


I’m excited to announce that our Boosted campaign for the new album ‘Redaction’ has just gone live. This has been in the making for two and half years and now it is about to come a reality. The full project includes a CD and 16 page booklet with images. For more information and to support our project please visit



Soon to be released ……


Very excited that the music from my ‘Finding Time’ exhibition is going to be released. Jeff Henderson and Mark Lockett, who were part of the original recording, have produced a fantastic album.

We intend on organizing a campaign to release the album on vinyl. The campaign will ran during May/Jun with an expected launch date in July.

Keep on eye out for future posts about the campaign and how you can pre-purchase a copy of the album