Governors Island

Nabates Isles, Organist (Cocoa Cola Dizzy’s Jazz Club)

Nabates Isles, Organist (Cocoa Cola Dizzy’s Jazz Club)

If the eyes are a window to the soul then music is a door to the heart.

Images from my series ‘Of Passionate Things’ exhibited on Governors Island (Fri 11 Sept to Sun 13 Sept 2015) as part of the Governors Island annual open house.

During September I was fortunate to be invited by the Museum of Music Project to exhibit as part of their Live and Interactive Music Exhibition on Governors Island. With music photography you want to capture the mood and atmosphere of being there. For this exhibition I wanted to show a personal side. Each image the musician is immersed in the music as if unaware of our presents. I also went big, 20×24 big, emphasizing the commitment and importance of music in life.